07. 10. 2015

Camping In Grand Haven

As you may know, we love Grand Haven. We had the opportunity to camp at Grand Haven State Park located where the Grand River empties into Lake Michigan. In addition to the fun...

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02. 24. 2014

Frozen Over

A visit to Grand Haven shows the extreme ice cover over Lake Michigan.  Here’s hoping for a quick melt and return to summer.

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09. 02. 2013

Sunset Before the Storm that Wasn’t

Often storms or remnants of storms bring on stunning sunsets.  Last night’s sunset over the Grand River photographed with my guest photographer, Nathaniel was one of those sunsets.  The view from Riverside Park...

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04. 21. 2013

Flooding in Downtown Grand Rapids

The Grand River in Downtown Grand Rapids is nearing record flood levels. These pictures were taken Sunday morning approximately 1 day before the predicted crest of the river.

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