It’s A Home Run

On June 11, 2013 by Greg Vedders

On the last night of the baseball season, Zachary did the impossible…an in-the-park home run!  The team was way behind and already had two outs against them.  With two runners in play, Zachary stepped up to the plate.  Facing a full count against him, Zach took one last mighty swing.  He made excellent contact and that ball was out of there.  As Zachary was urged on from base to base, his pace picked up.  Never had Zachary run so fast.  As he was waved home at third base, he was all smile.  He narrowly beat the ball to home plate scoring the third and final run of the play.  Zachary was a hero to his team, turning the momentum of the game around.  For his amazing feat, he was awarded the game ball; his second of the season.  Though it was sad to see the season come to the end, it truly was wonderful to go out on such a high note.

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