05. 02. 2013

The First Game

The beginning of the 2013 baseball Season is upon us. This year Zachary is playing on the Screen Ideas Team in the AA Division of Grand Rapids’ Northern Little League. Zachary had a...

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04. 25. 2013

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Hayley, Jamie, and Sydney spent part of their day with Meghan and Brad at their respective employers as part of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day .  Hayley went with Meghan...

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04. 21. 2013

Flooding in Downtown Grand Rapids

The Grand River in Downtown Grand Rapids is nearing record flood levels. These pictures were taken Sunday morning approximately 1 day before the predicted crest of the river.

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04. 18. 2013

Flooding by St. Joesph the Worker Hall on Aquinas College Campus

Grand Rapids, MI has been experiencing large amounts of rainfall throughout the last week or so.  Below are pictures of the St. Joe’s area on Aquinas College‘s campus.  If you are familiar with...

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04. 02. 2013

Easter Dresses 2013

Hayley, Jamie, and Sydney show off their Easter outfits for this year.

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04. 01. 2013
Through the Tube

Spring Break @ The Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

Enjoying a trip to the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.

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03. 31. 2013
Zachary in an Easter Bonnet

Zachary Sporting an Easter Bonnet

Doesn’t Zachary look good in his Easter Bonnet?

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03. 30. 2013
Nathaniel's Easter Basket

The Easter Bunny hopped on by Lake Michigan Drive

The Easter Basket has hopped by good old Lake Michigan Drive leaving behind baskets of spring fun and eggs galore. There should be some happy and sugar high children tomorrow morning.

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03. 30. 2013

Playing on the Playground

After a period of below normal temperatures, at least seeming colder than it should be, we went to the nearby park to play in the 5oish degree weather.  Hayley and Jamie rode to...

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