08. 28. 2017

First Day of School 2017

On this drizzly day, we marked the first day of third grade for Mackenzie, the first day of seventh grade for Zachary, and the first day as a Junior (eleventh grade) for Nathaniel....

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04. 21. 2013

Flooding in Downtown Grand Rapids

The Grand River in Downtown Grand Rapids is nearing record flood levels. These pictures were taken Sunday morning approximately 1 day before the predicted crest of the river.

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04. 18. 2013

Flooding by St. Joesph the Worker Hall on Aquinas College Campus

Grand Rapids, MI has been experiencing large amounts of rainfall throughout the last week or so.  Below are pictures of the St. Joe’s area on Aquinas College‘s campus.  If you are familiar with...

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03. 08. 2004

Welcome to Vedders.com!

The Vedders Group invites you to take a closer look at the new design and feel of Vedders.com. Vedders.com has undergone numerous changes since its establishment in 1998. The founders of The Vedders...

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